Are you waiting for God to tell you where to go?

We have a choice. To blend in and let someone else choose our path or walk the path that God will carve out for us if we let Him. The choice isn’t always easy. It’s time to face both sides of our faith and better understand the word that we claim to build the foundation of our lives on.

The good and the bad. Each aspect of our lives shows the dichotomy of good and evil. It is our response to those moments and how we choose to grow that helps equip us to better face the next.

This is my journey and yours. I pray that as I learn and my steps become brighter, that I can shine some understanding for you and help you not only see that your light is brighter than you think, but that you are stronger and more capable than the world tells you. You are loved by a mighty Creator, and it is time we claim our inheritance.

Lessons Take Time, Let’s Learn Together