The Jewel Thief

Old writing I just found. I have lost some of my most prized hidden work recently and to safe guard what I am finding I am posting it here. This was from a literature class in 2010 so excuse any poor writing or grammar issues. This is simply for me.

The Jewel Thief


Waiter: chatty and very nosy.

Analisa: Thief extraordinaire.  Known by the police only as Les Fleur.

Nicholas: Another Thief, not as good as Analisa but still very good.  Had a past love with Analisa but is now engaged.

Madeline: Fiancé of Nicholas.  Clueless to the prior relationship with Nicholas and Analisa.

Phillip: Stole something from Nicholas but wants him to try to take it back.


Scene:  Elegant Party with many guests in Paris.  The party is in Nicholas’s home. Most of which are unimportant.  A beautifully decorated room full of well dressed wealthy people.  Lots of idle chatter when Analisa arrives.

Waiter: Can I take your coat madame?

Analisa: Yes please.  Where is Monsieur Nicholas? I wish to bid him hello. (has her coat removed revealing a beautiful strapless black dress with a diamond belt and long black gloves)

Waiter: He is in the lounge smoking.  I can take you to him.

They enter the lounge.

Waiter:  Announcing Mademoiselle Analisa.

Nicholas: Analisa, Bonjour. You look amazing. Where did you get that belt? It is stunning!

Analisa: You know me. I am a collector of beautiful things Nicholas.

Nicholas kisses her hand.

Analisa:  You are too sweet.  So where is this beautiful fiancé that I have read about in your engagement announcement?  Is she hiding?

Nicholas: (laughs) She has run to the powder room.  She will be back soon. How are you? Any good work lately?

Analisa: Business has been good.  Found some very interesting rare items recently. You would be impressed.

Nicholas: You will have to tell me about them soon. (he smiles) Ahh, and here my beautiful lady is.  Madeline, I want you to meet Analisa. A close personal friend of mine.  We worked together for many years.

Madeline: Hello, it is very nice to meet you.  I have heard lots about you.  You also work in the jewelry business?

Analisa: Not the same kind as Nicholas anymore. Since he and I parted ways I went into more of the rare gems and jewelry business.  I find it more interesting if it is harder to find.

Madeline: It sounds very interesting.

Waiter:  Madame Madeline, some new guests have arrived and they are asking for you.  They are in the study.

Madeline: Please excuse me.  Analisa, it was a pleasure to meet you. I am sure I will see you later on in the party. Please enjoy yourself.  Nicholas you should show her the gallery upstairs. I am sure she can appreciate some of the pieces you have collected.

Waiter and Madeline leave the scene.

Nicholas: Well you heard her. Shall we see the gallery upstairs?

Analisa: I cannot resist the chance to see these amazing pieces that you have “acquired”.

They link arms and head to the gallery.

Analisa: Well look at these.  I didn’t know you kept all these pieces from when that job in Sweden.

Nicholas: I like to remember out busy thieving days together.  Stealing is more fun with a partner. Especially one as beautiful as you.

Analisa: Careful now.  Your fiancé will not want to hear you talk to another woman that way. (she smiles)

Nicholas: I invited you here for a reason Analisa.  And I hate to ask this of you but I’m not in “the business” anymore.  I need help with something tonight at this party.  There is no one better than you that could do it.

Analisa: (frowns) Nicholas what is going on here? I thought the invite weird after the time we shared together and the way we parted ways, but if you needed help you could have just asked. I am always here for you. (she touches his face)

Nicholas: (he grabs her hand) There is a man here. His name is Philip.  He has on him a special gem.  It is the Winter Storm Diamond.    It is my diamond.  I am sure you remember when we “visited” that wealthy man in Venice at his banquet for the hospital.  That is the diamond we stole.  I am not sure how he got it.  He let me know he had it via video phone call yesterday. So that is why I sent you the late invite.

Analisa: I didn’t know you still had that.  Why would he bring it back here? He could have gotten away with the diamond had he not shown you it.

Nicholas: It is a challenge.  He wants me to try to steal it from him.  Only I can’t even get close to him or he will know what I am up to.  I fear he wishes to expose me for being Les A’mour. I think they mean to catch me trying to re-steal it and take me to jail.  I haven’t been afraid of much in this life Analisa, but I am afraid of this. You are the only one that can help me with this.  I can’t even tell Madeline what is going on.

Analisa: Well now this is a party then.  I didn’t know I would get to have fun here tonight. (she smiles) I will get your diamond, but on one condition.

Nicholas: Anything, anything at all.

Analisa: I want the purple diamond we stole from India.

Nicholas: Ouch, you drive a hard bargain Madame Analisa. You have a deal. (puts out his had to shake)

Analisa: I will shake after I get you the diamond.

Analisa turns and leaves the room.  The waiter enters.

Waiter: Sir, Madame Madeline is calling for you sir and I see you are done talking with Miss Analisa you can meet Madame Madeline in the study with some of your guests.

Nicholas: (sighs) Thank you I will go there now.


Library in Nicholas’s home.  Many guests including Analisa, Philip and the Waiter.

Analisa: Monsieur Waiter, could you get  me a glass of wine please? A fine red wine would be lovely.

Waiter: Of course Madame.  I will be back in a few moments.

Waiter Exits

Analisa: What an amazing library! (she says out loud to no one specific)

Philip: Yes, Monsieur Nicholas does have a beautiful collection does he not. I haven’t had the pleasure Madame, I am Philip a friend of the family.  And you are? (he reaches out to kiss her hand)

Analisa:(giggles, and putting out her hand) Oh Monsieur, my name is Analisa. I am a friend of Madame Madeline.  She and I attended grade school together. I came to congratulate her on her amazing engagement.  He is very handsome and wealthy. She is very lucky. ( a small frown appears in her eyes)

Philip: Madame Analisa, what is wrong? You look sad now.

Analisa: I was just thinking that I thought I would also have found someone special by now.

Madeline and Nicholas enter the room as well as the waiter returns with a tray of wine glasses.

Waiter: Madame your wine.

Analisa: Thank you.

Waiter walks away, but not too far.

Philip: You are not married or engaged Madame? If it is not too much to pry.

Analisa: (blushing) No I am not. I was once in Love. But sadly it was not to be. I have been on my own for quite some time now.  I travel a lot so it is probably just as well that I am alone.

Philip: Nonsense. Any man should want to travel with such an attractive lady.

Analisa: You try to charm me I think, Monsieur.  (she giggles)

Philip moves in closer to Analisa.

Philip: You are a beautiful woman. I find you very interesting.  Would you like to check out the view of the stars on the terrace?

Analisa: Of course Monsieur.  It has been so long since I have been in Paris I would love to see the view.

As they leave the room, Analisa winks at Philip.

Madeline: Nicholas, why did she wink at you?

Nicholas: (laughs) Analisa and I have been friends for many years.  She has taken a shine to your friend Philip I think.  She winks to say she wishes to be alone.

Madeline: She hardly knows him (aghast) We should go out there so that nothing inappropriate happens!

Nicholas: They are both adults.  I say let them be inappropriate.  We could sneak upstairs and do the same. (he looks at her and wiggles his eyebrows)

Madeline: Nicholas I told you. Not until we are married, I am a lady.  Come now, let us go and chat with your friend and Philip. We should spend time with our guests.

Nicholas: (feeling uneasy) Is something wrong Madeline? Why do you want to go and bother them? They are having fun. I can tell that they like each other.

Madeline: I do not know your friend well, I would hate for Philip to get hurt.

Nicholas:(laughs) Philip is a big boy, I am sure he can take care of himself.


The Terrace with Philip and Analisa

Analisa: What an amazing view! Do you get to see this view all the time Philip? (looking into his eyes and twirling some hair in her fingers)

Philip: (places an arm around her waist to pull her closer) No, I actually do not live in Paris. I live in America.  I am just here on some special business for a friend of mine.

Analisa: Wow, America! What an amazing place! I have been there on business. It was beautiful. I went to New York. I was amazed at all the shopping. (trying to sound interested, she places a hand on his chest under his jacket)

Philip: (touching her hair) You would love it there. I live in California.  There are more places to shop in Hollywood.  I could take you there.

Analisa: Could you?! (snatches the diamond from the inner pocket) That would be amazing. (she leans in closer)

Philip: You are a beautiful woman Analisa.  Would you like to come back to my hotel  with me?

Just then Nicholas and Madeline enter the scene.

Madeline: Madame Analisa you have met Philip then? (looking  jealous)

Analisa: (hugging him closer) Yes I have.  What an amazing man! Did you know he lives in California! He is a very interesting man.

Nicholas: (looking uncomfortable) Analisa there is a phone call for you upstairs in the den.  It was your butler. He sounded upset and mentioned a break in.  I think that you should take the call.

Analisa: Oh no, Monsieur Philip can you excuse me? To be continued soon?

Philip: Of course Madame, please.  I hope that everything is okay.

Nicholas: The phone is upstairs, here I can take you there.

Analisa: Thank you, be right back everyone.

Nicholas and Analisa leave the scene.

Madeline: Are you crazy?  Why would you have your hands all over that girl?! She is friends with Nicholas.  She can’t be trusted!

Philip: She told me she was old school friends with you.  Oh no! (checks his pockets) My wallet and the diamond are gone.  She must have taken them when….

Madeline: When you were letting her paw you? How could you do that? I am right here!

Philip: Like I don’t have to watch it with this fake engagement of yours to Nicholas?

Madeline: That is different, he had the diamond. It was to take care of us the rest of our lives together!


In the den, Analisa and Nicholas.

Analisa: So you owe me one amazing purple diamond. (she pulls the wallet and diamond from her bosom)

Nicholas: (claps his hands together and picks up Analisa and twirls her around the room) You are amazing! You got the diamond! I am saved. It is all because of you! (kisses her without thinking)

Analisa: (kisses him back but then pulls away) I can’t.  Not with your engagement.

Nicholas: Sorry, I didn’t mean too.  Old habits and all.  And look at this. You got his wallet too. (opens the wallet to see a picture of Philip and Madeline embraced together and he sits down) Oh my!

Analisa: What?

Nicholas: I know how he got the diamond.  I am so stupid.  It was her all along…

Analisa: Who?

Nicholas: It was  Madeline.  She used me to get to my diamond.  She must have heard about it in the paper.  They ran an article about us the about 3 months ago.  It read:

Amazing Unsolved Crimes

Les Fluer and Les A’mour are still free and still have millions of dollars in stolen rare jewels and stones. Recently a Jewel collector came across Les A’mour selling some of those rare jewels and purchased them.  He told reporters that it was such an amazing deal, and while he knows that the jewels are stolen, he plans to donate them back to the museums from which they were stolen from once professionals identify all of the rare gems.

Analisa: Oh my! Well if that is how it is I assure you they know it is us now that I am here too! I bet they come up here looking for the gem! What are we going to do? Stealing when no one is there is easier than stealing while they are in the same house as us!

The waiter enters the scene.

Waiter:  Madame Madeline and Monsieur Philip are looking for you.  They said you can find them waiting for you on the terrace.

Analisa: What do you think we should do now Nicholas? I am at a loss.

Nicholas: Well, if they are waiting for us then let us go to them and see what they want.

The waiter follows behind.


Analisa, Madeline, Nicholas, and Philip on the terrace.  Waiter snooping nearby.

Madeline: Well I am sure that you have puzzled out what is going on here Nicholas.

Nicholas: Yes, and I would like to say first off that our engagement is off.

Madeline: (laughs) It was never real to begin with.

Philip: Yes, because she is already married to me.

Analisa: Well you have misbehaving hands for a man with a wife Monsieur.

Madeline: (shoots Philip a dirty look) You don’t need to talk anymore Analisa.  You can just stand there. Where is the diamond Nicholas?

Nicholas: I am not going to give it to you Madeline.  It has sentimental value. (he looks at Analisa)

Madeline: I should have known that you had a past with her after the way you looked at her when she arrived. I don’t care about that now.  (pulls out a gun and aims it at Analisa) You will give me the diamond or I will shoot your love. Now how sad an ending to our evening would that be?

Nicholas: (looks unfazed) I cannot believe that you and I are being held up at gunpoint by Les Fluer and Les A’mour Analisa! Can you believe it!

Analisa:(looks shocked and afraid) I never thought that we could run into such criminals! What are we going to do Nicholas?!

Waiter: (holding his own gun) Alright everyone, put down the gun Madame  Madeline. I would hate to ruin your pretty dress.

Madeline: (shocked) What are you doing?

Waiter: I am a Detective with the Paris Police Department.   We have been looking for the notorious Les Fluer and Les A’mour for 7 years now.  You might not wanted to rob the very man donating his jewels to the museum the night before the gems are moved to the museum.  He would of course have security.

From inside the house come several more waiters with guns and handcuffs.

Waiter: Please take these two away.

Madeline: It isn’t us that are the jewel thieves, it is those two. You have the wrong people!

Philip:  All of this was Madeline’s idea.  Please don’t arrest me!

The Waiter, Madeline adn Philip leave the scene.

Analisa: How did you know that would happen? I am in total amazement.

Nicholas: (laughs) I thought someone might try to steal something tonight so weeks ago before Philip had called me to say he had the diamond I had hired a detective and some of the officers to come to the party dressed as waiters to keep the place safe.

Analisa: We are safe then? And now you’re not engaged….

Nicholas: It’s true, we are safe.  No one will look for us any longer for those jewel heists, and I am donating all but the purple diamond to the museum.  I do have to tell you something though.

Analisa: Yes?

Nicholas:  When I saw you arrive at the party tonight, looking so beautiful, I wondered how I could be engaged when I still love you. And then I thought of all of our times together. I am not sure why I left you in India alone. I was so afraid that we were one more job away from jail. I wanted to escape it all.  I am sorry.  (he turns his face away)

Analisa: Nicholas, you silly man.  I have missed you all this time.  My heart will always belong to you!

Nicholas: Really!? (picks her up by the waist and swings her around) Then it is appropriate to kiss you?

Analisa: On one condition.

Nicholas: And that is?

Analisa: That you will stay with me and we shall be together always!

Nicholas: Deal!

Nicholas kisses Analisa and the curtain comes down.









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