Quiet –adjective
1. making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound: quiet neighbors.
2. free, or comparatively free, from noise: a quiet street.
3. silent: Be quiet!

My phone is slightly dormant this weekend. Carlos is away having a wonderful time in the gulf and I am home on this beautiful stormy Sunday basking in the light of GOD’s work in my life this week. It is an interesting thing to feel like you have grown. As an adult it is so hard to feel like you have moved forward, made a lasting change that may actually make a difference. This week has been a tough one for me, but I feel like I am working hard on the battle against fear. My stomach still hurts, but I am winning.

So what has the weekend looked like? Well it has been great! It has been my weekend with the girls, and we went shopping for the items for my sisters birthday party yesterday. Then the kids got to watch movies and stay up late while we hung out with friends and lately celebrated my sister’s 26th birthday. It was a wonderful evening with friends, and while I did drink more than I have in my life, that isn’t saying much since I have been drunk twice before last night. I would like to say that my record still stands. No hangover when I got up this morning,. I actually felt great, got the kids up and got ready for church. A wonderful message, the kids had a great time and here I am sending my blog message out in cyber space while the house is quiet as the kids are either napping or are occupied. And me, well I am just glad to be alive today.

So what does this week look like since my weekend was less than eventful (other than yelling to my neighbor that I had a mop even though they didn’t ask me, lol) We this week I finish my divorce paperwork and get my but downtown to the court house. With summer coming, and a summer full time job looming in my future, I want to make sure that I get that done before my time becomes really hard to come by. Now to decide where to work and what to do for the summer.

This post isn’t about much. Just an update, I am currently still battling the fear. But I keep hoping that I am at least on the winning side. Things are better when you are fighting the good fight, just trying to know when to keep my shield up, and when to cut an run are the defining factors on whether or not you are a coward or you just know when the battle has no hope.

With all of my love,
Lady X

Faith Won’t Fail – Katy Perry

You could throw me In the fire
And I won’t be burned
For my faith Is Your desire
And Your love endures

You could throw me In the prison cell
Shackle me up Against the rail
But time And time again
My faith won’t fail

For He’ll prevail In the midst of all
My trials And tribulations
And He’ll prevail In the midst of all
My sin And temptations
He’ll prevail When I fall
And He Will pick me up
For time And time again
My faith won’t fail
Time and time again

My faith won’t fail

You could cast me In the lion’s den
But they won’t harm me For Your grace
Surrounds me And it sets me free

And I can walk Upon the water
And I will not drown
For my eyes are Set upon You
And no one Can bring me down

For His angels Surround me
And You’ve poured out
This blood covering
And I will walk And not fail
For time And time again
My faith won’t fail
Time And time again
My faith won’t fail

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