Pajamas –noun ( used with a plural verb )
1. night clothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and jacket.
2.loose-fitting trousers, usually of silk or cotton, worn by both sexes in the Orient.

I am sitting in my pajamas as I type this. Why you ask? Well I am inherently lazy, and because pajamas are awesome. So why is this post entitled pajamas? Because I am pretty sure that I can type an entire post about how wonderful it is to spend all of my time snuggled up in a pair of wonderful pajamas drinking some hot tea and thinking of wonderful ways to use my time that is totally contrary to what I should be doing. Like working on something that is important. (Btw, I can work in my jammies too so I actually can get some work done) Plus I really wanted to write a post that wasn’t so emotionally intense as the last ones that I have been doing. It has been a stressful week and since stress is so bad for you I wanted to give you readers, (how few of you I am sure there are) a read that wasn’t fraught with drama and intense conversation.

And just for the record, most of the time when I am happily lounging around in my pajamas and not working I am being chased in my pjs by small children. I also clean in them. But that is a different story. That is just me not wanting to get something clean dirty while I work my tooshy off cleaning up the dirty house. I also rarely shower before I clean. Who wants to get all sweaty when they are cleaning when they started off clean? And sure, if I actually managed to keep the place clean then I could probably pick up the place easier but hey, I don’t like it when things are easy. If I did then I wouldn’t be here typing this to you instead of cleaning right now.

So what am I doing right now you ask? Besides sitting in a bed that isn’t mine writing a post that essentially is about mostly nothing? Well, I am waiting for Carlos’s cable guy. This is me being nice and waiting for the peeps that give you the giant window of time that they may or may not show up to help you with your missing internet needs. The up side? Well I am in an apartment that is empty of children, my mom has my munchkins. Then later, when I leave here and if I manage to find my happy ass in a shower I will pick up the gaggle of children from school and drop them all off in their respective wed places and then a quiet evening. The only upside to the girls going to Bob’s is an evening where if I wanted to accomplish something I could. Now to figure out if I actually want to accomplish something or if I instead want to get half bombed trying to learn to drink red wine. Anyone know a good brand I could start with?

I figure I look less like I am a raging lush if I drink a glass of wine in the evening instead of something full of hard liquor. It is just a theory. I may still be a lush that way but since I drink less than once a week, and I rarely (and I do mean rarely) get drunk I think I am safe.

Productive is out the window today my friends. I am just going to do my best to avoid it. I would like to spend the entire day in my jammies. Not while this won’t happen I can say that as little work as I can get away with is what will be performed today. I will not go above and beyond unless there is just no way around it. I was productive yesterday and the day before. Today is my lazy day. And rejoice in this day that the Lord has made I shall. Rejoice in the beautiful simplicity of being a soth. Yes you can infact rejoice in slothfulness as long as it is done in moderation. And my friends, moderation is a whole other blog post for a later day. Maybe tomorrow.

In my jammies happy,
Lady X

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