Too Much

Love is an interesting thing. When most people have it they take it for granted. I had love.  And I cherished it. I was grateful to have it. The person I loved knew it and they were grateful too. But there are people on this planet that will stop at nothing to make sure that others are unhappy.

So here I sit on this fine Thanksgiving day no longer being loved by the man that made my heart smile. I am instead thinking today how grateful I am for my children.  How I need to remember that happiness is a choice I make each day. Today I chose happiness.  I had my sad moments.

It’s funny to me the things that you miss when you no longer find yourself in a relationship. Like terms of endearment.  A touch, a kiss, a caress. A sigh, a hug, the feel of your loves breath on your cheek or neck. Things that you share only with that special someone. A growl of passion , a look of desire. Sigh.

Love is a crazy thing. I pray tonight that everyone someday feels the love that I felt this year. I Pray that God  will give me a chance to feel that love again someday.

All my love always,
Lady X

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