He Loves me

He loves me…

He loves me not…

He loves me…

He loves me not…

He loves me…

He loves me not…..

I don’t know how this ends and I actually have no idea who it is referring to, I just know I felt led today to post this. Maybe it is the fact that I feel dangerously ornery, or that I am just looking for ways to be rotten but either way I feel better than yesterday and I am determined not to be all wiped out like i was yesterday.

So dearest readers, all two of you. Today is one of those days where I look at this crazy life, all of the amazement and stress that it has to offer me and everyone else on this planet for that matter, I just want to say that no matter what happens, where this life takes you, what you learn, what you see, the things that you feel, always remember one thing. You can’t control this life, you can just follow the current and pray that when the fork in the road comes that the path you choose is the right one, and you can’t be sure of that until you try. Don’t let fear run your life. Don’t hurt others for spite, or because you think that they deserve it or that they earned it You aren’t the one that gets to determine who deserves what. Let past hurts go, let future hurts go. Just let it all go. Let gravity pull your feet to the ground, let the solid earth beneath your feet be your first stepping stone to waking along a path that doesn’t pull you in a direction of spite and resentment.

There are people in this life who have hurt me. Anyone who has read this blog knows who these characters are. Guess what? I don’t hate these people, some days I want to. But I don’t hate them. Hate is a cancer that will eat you up inside, don’t let it eat you. Don’t let hate and resentment consume you.

Be alive today!

And while I am unsure why today I felt like writing all of that I am happy to have written it for you. I am always here, thinking and waiting.

All my love always,
Lady X

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