So I started a diet last Monday. I have never ever dieted, and I have never really needed to. dieting was for people who can’t eat everything they want and still look fantastic. Well I am most certainly in my thirties because I can’t eat everything I want. And working at Starbucks is making sure I realize that I can’t eat whatever I want. No more 400 calorie brownies at work, no more breve, although I still put a little in my shots. I am avoiding lattes that aren’t made with soy, and honestly I am just avoiding lattes. I am just doing shots these days. And while that sounds terrible, I mean espresso. I am cutting back on my lattes because my pants, which are size 2 have protested about my waistline. If people took a few minutes to actually look at the nutritional information on one of our lattes they so would not be drinking them. And even though I haven’t checked to see how many calories are in my 2 pump white mocha quad espresso with cold half and half to cool it off, I know it is way less than what I was getting before. So back to crunches and now I am eating differently. The good thing is I am not starving which is what I thought dieting meant.

So I was weighed the day I started my diet, last Monday, and I was 128 pounds. Last night I weighed in at 125.7 pounds. So woo hoo! I am losing weight, and one of my coworkers hugged me yesterday and he says, “Are you losing weight, you feel smaller?” Brilliant. I am happy that it is working, hard work always feels better when you can see and feel a difference. Now I don’t feel a ton better, but that is hard to say because I got a cold a few days after I started this so I am hoping since I am starting to feel better from all of that, that maybe I will start feeling the positive effects of the better food and the loss of a little of my midsection. Who doesn’t love having a waist right? I also feel less inclined to pop xanax like candy this week, so that is also a plus. I love not feeling super stressed out.

Hopefully I can ragal you in a fun post of the weekend antics of me and the girls and a girls night out with my sister, but till then my boring weight loss post will just have to do.

So even though this post is kinda boring, I just wanted to post today to say that I am feeling very optimistic for the summer, and I can’t wait till I can tan again.

All my love Always,
Lady X

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