Work work work

Work is work, but I am glad I can sit here and type of an extra post for today since I feelk like I got cheated out of a post yesterday. It has been kind of a weird day, with the X husband sending me old pics, and then a pic of him (clothed of course) and then him calling me on my lunch break to ask me about our kids pregnancies and births for his journal I already feel like I have had more than I really wanted to spend talking to him today. Granted none of it was bad, I just wish sometimes that I could continue my week of blissful ignorance of pretending that he only exists when I have to see him. The rest of the time I pretend he isn’t an issue. Ignorance is bliss people and I will abuse that as long as I can.

As for work, work is great. It is always a perfect distraction for things in this life. Greeting and making customers happy really does help me feel energized and better about the day. At least in a small way when I feel like I have trouble making others happy I can always make someone happy at work by knowing their drink or knowing their name. Starbucks is an interesting place to work and since I love doting on others and being doted upon it is a great place for me to be.

I feel superficial today. I was thinking of how cute I am with my new tattoo and how adorable I am in my fake glasses and while there are other things that I think are negative that I could dwell on, I won’t. Why not just swell in the world that God gave me, look on it and the things that he created and know they are all beautiful. So if you didn’t know, you are beautiful, and loved and even though I don’t know you, I love you. So be comforted by that.

As I listen to Rumer, and enjoy the old 70’s feel of it, enjoy the melancholy feeling rolling over me because that is who I am and I am comfortable in that, I am glad, grateful, and happy to be me. As my tattoo says on my arm, I wouldn’t want to be anybody else. Love someone today, because as Dave Matthews says, everyday should be a good day to die.

With all my love and all my hugs,
Lady X

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