Little Things

I spend a lot of time in this life trying to remember to be grateful for the little things. A tiny moment of peace and quiet, and enjoyable drive, a good song. Today I am grateful for headphones. See I have to tragus piercings and this makes it very hard to find comfortable earphones. So when I found the most perfect over priced pair I had to have them. Now while the price tag makes it seem more like a big thing than a little thing, I can say that having headphones that don’t fall and and feel perfect in my ears is a little thing that I can love. So I am grateful.

So the girls are with their dad, my nephews will soon be with my sister or left with my brother and dinner with friends sounds fantastic. Of course I will be home in time to receive the girls, but it is nice to actually do something on my day off. I did make such an effort to shower and wear clean clothes. Clean clothes in my house is a big deal. I hate living out of laundry baskets but it is a fact of life here. I need to take a week off work to clean and do laundry. Like every two months so I can catch up.

This post is going to be fish flakes all over the place. Just fyi as I am getting ready to run off into my distorted self body image tangent. So dieting takes forever. I get it, all good things take time, and I know I need to take my time as crash dieting never works. But I am so ready to be back in my size 2’s and ready to tan it up this summer. Flashing my tattoos and body glitter. Who knew I would love love love my tattoos. I already want to get my ragdoll done. I am thinking I have a day off next week and maybe I could get it done before my mom went to work. Then I could see how long it would take my brother to notice. lol. He hates my new tattoo. He says I am now offering rides to heaven since he says its a tramp stamp. Sometimes hes such a jerk. I promise that if there is any new body art in the future I will post it. I am so happy with my newest one. I just need my other forearm done, and I need my birds finished too. Plus I need my foot (So Damn Lucky) done before summer so its all healed up for swimming time.

Sigh, so much to do. Anyways, dearest blog,

Oh that I while away my hours
wishing for brighter mornings
brighter rainy showers

Oh the moment eludes and escapes
leaving only ripples
leaving only quakes

The moment is in fact a ruse
not real, not right
leaving me only blue

The blue is real and deeply cut
the scars i bear are much to much

So blue I stay till the time is right
When he who colors me makes me bright

Then colorful I shall hope to stay
As minutes become hours
and hours become days
And a life of faithful true is where I will lay

Not sure where that came from. It is what I am. Enjoy my art blog readers if there are any of you out there.

With my deepest love and affection,
Lady X

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