I am aware today of how quickly people in this world can take things away from you. I found out yesterday while at work that someone thought they should call Child Protective Services on my family (CPS). You are never aware more of all the things that you wish you could do till someone shows up and questions your children without your knowledge, asks them how you take care of them. Picks apart your life, and makes you feel smaller than the tiniest of insects.

I am a good mother. I am not the best one ever and I make mistakes. But by no means do I deserve the looks I now feel I get from my childrens teachers, the looks I feel exist when my common sense tells me they don’t. I work hard to provide for my kids, I spend quality time with them, I feed them and clothe them, spoil them, too much according to my brother, and to what end? I am being investigated for being a bad parent. There is no greater humiliation than having people look at your children to see if you beat them, to see if you are hurting them, to see if they get fed, if their clothes are clean and fit them.

This truly is the hardest thing I have had to deal with. Divorce was easy. Leaving my bad situation, a piece of cake. This, this is terrible and awful and I have no reason to worry, and I have nothing to hide. Instead I get to feel bad when it isn’t deserved.

What is worse is that whoever called gets away with it. There is no vindication for being wrongfully accused. No punishment for those calling me a bad mother. None at all. Just me waiting for the rest of this investigation to pass, me to sit and patiently wait while they question my boss, while they ask my family questions.

Regardless of all of this I still think the Evil W did this to me. It is far too convienent that her and I just had our fight via text on tuesday night and thursday I am dealing with CPS. I heart tells me she did it. Carlos says that she protests that she would never. right……

As many times as she has threatened me with it. She has spent a year threatning me with all the awful things she could come up with. I think she is just mad that I left because I was told to by someone other than her. You think with as messed up as her own life is she would just leave everyone else alone. But alas, she needs more than that to keep her busy.

So while this CPS thing is a huge pain, I have nothing to hide, I am a good mother and I will get through this. But I will be vindicated, God will take care of it. As I have said a million times and I will say it again.

Kharma is a bitch.

Always yours,
Lady X

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