Perfect Monotony

I try to think sometimes about what it must be like if everything was perfect. If nothing was hard and everything was easy and it just sounds boring. Life offers us challenges. If we didn’t have these challenges we wouldn’t grow.

So as I think about the trials that I am going through and how they feel hard, I know that I am growing. God is doing a good work in me.

I also learned something last night, tequila and an empty stomach do not help me sleep better. Apparently there are only certain circumstances where I can get away with that. At least it was fun the time before.

So as I continue to write and try to get my thoughts out here I am happy to say that I am not worried in these trials. God has my back. I have loads of people who love me. And as for spiteful W, well, regardless of whether or not she is the person who did this, she hates me anyway and the reason why is because I can accept my mistakes and not regret them, I also have people who love me, who would do anything for me. It is the friends you make in this life that are the true treasures. Stuff is just stuff. And considering the age we live in, by the time you get something nice it is outdated anyway. So the neat thing about friends is that they can grow with you and you can grow with them and you will find yourself knowing that you are not alone in the trials you face. You have a mighty God and friends he has given you to help you get where you need to go. And with any luck you can touch the lives of those around you in a positive way that is impactful and that keeps you memorable in a good way.

When people think about me I want them to say, she is so helpful, she is always there for others. Because I love doing that. It makes me happy to be so helpful. I don’t want them to say, wow, she was spiteful and vengeful and mean and hurt others because she is an unhappy pitiful person.

So today, when you think about your interaction with others, think about the impression you want to leave on them. It is important, you can leave the world changed in a positive way, or a negative way and only you can make that choice.

So why is this post titled perfect monotony, because sometimes, even though it feels like you are doing the same thing over and over again, you aren’t. You are building the blocks for the next day, the future you will have. The future is tomorrow. It isn’t as far as it seems. The dreams you have today will either be lost or won tomorrow. It is up to you to grab them. No one else will grab them for you. Me, I am going to do my best to win everyday, make God smile and make my family smile. The most important things I can do.

Always me, and always with my love,
Lady X

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