Brilliance fading

So while yesterday was brilliant today is just wrong. While I have the good news from the CPS worker that my kids are fine and that he just has to finish up, I just don’t feel good today. My tummy is all icky and I’m super tired. Why me? Some soup and tea and I hope to be feeling better soon. Though honestly this shift is going to go n forever and all the breaks in the world aren’t going to help me shake this.

Here’s to hoping my return comes in tomorrow. The IRS keeps delaying it and I am so done with being broke this week. I already owe my sister money for gas just so I can drive to work. And my paycheck is for bills so I can’t hope it will be good for anything.

Feeling bad is my bodies way of reminding me how frail human life is. How quickly it is snuffed out by time and circumstance. That took a dark turn didn’t it. It just I thing sometimes and its just me as I sit here trying to force myself to eat soup and drink tea. Thinking about how easy it is to lose everything. I am so blessed. Lord hear my thanks.

So as I tank about mari GRAS I hope you are all safe and you have fun. Have a shot for me, and think of me celebratorily as I work hard to take care of my sweet kids and as I may stop off after work and have one drink I will raise my glass and think of all of you as I celebrate whatever it is that Mardi GRAS is for.

Be safe this night.
All my love,
Lady X

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