Mardi GRAS

So as I sit in the cafe patio at Starbucks, waiting for my ride, I am a witness to the crazy drivers rampaging through our parking lot, drunk and in a hurry to get somewhere else. Many have driven through our drive through backwards. Currently I am watcng the people who are stuck over a parking curb. Dorks. It’s quite amusing. I probably shouldn’t gain so much amusement from it, but I can’t help but thi if they all didn’t want to spend the evening enjoying fat Tuesday at boomer jacks and dukes road house they might ot be stuck right now. Currently I am worries about my friend though, he’s a bouncer and I just worry. Don’t get me wrong, he’s plenty capable of handling himself. I still worry. I told all ofmy customers tonight to be safe. I worry so much about them all. Too much happens when people can get super drunk like this,also it’s the middle of the week. So I worry about it getting too crazy.

I’m a worrier. Is what I do. But not to the extent that it’s too bad. Must stay Xanax free. It’s emergency use only.

My boss actually consider Ed parking his car in the drive through but back at the end, so that they would drive through and find that now they had to drive back through it backwards. Ha ha ha, awesome.

He didn’t do it, but it would have been epic.

They finally freed the truck that was stuck. It was a woman driving. Thanks for setting an example ladies.

Now I’m just enjoying the music. Sometimes wishing I could be there dancing. I would be, but my friend Sammy opens in the morning so she turned me down for drinks. So I’ll settle for people watching. It’s safer anyways, and while I didn’t get any beads for Mardi GRAS it’s all good. It’s still good to just sit back and listen to the music at a safe distance from all the crazies. They are playing the ride the train song. Choo Choo!!! Lol. It makes me want to dance for sure. I may have to go home and just indulge myself in a little dancing. Maybe some before bed Zumba. Maybe not. Im sure that by the time I gets one I will be ready to crash. Six am is early and since I am getting up super early with the kids so that they have lots of time to get ready for school.

Is I time for the Macarena. I did that at the daddy daughter dance. It was nice to be at the dance. I got to spend time with my girls,dance with them, and I’m not even dad. It is a feeling I have sometimes since my X is so uninvolved that I am both parents. But I digress, I know they have a dad, I was just happy to have spent some time with them.

Since I started writing this I have seen my drive thru used four times to exit. That’s not what that’s for I want to say. But we are closed so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Who I am to pick at the drivers making their way. Maybe since they are leaving earlier they will be safer. Boomers and dukes doesn’t close till two am, so I worry about the people on the road at that I’ve. I wonder how long it will take to clear things out. I worry that I will hear about more accidents than I want to come tomorrow. Another reason I don’t watch the news. I don’t want to know. The numbers i am sure would break my heart.

I don’t know the song playing now. But I suppose it doesn’t matter. I adjust wishing now that I had made me a water before I left my store. My boss and my other boss are counting inside so I feel safe enough sittings outside typing this, and my mom should be other way. I pray she is safe, for her sake and mine. Now if they could just play shots by lmfao my night would be complete.

It’s almost one am, it’s a bit chilly and the contemplation of whether or not to put my coat on or indulge in the chill has crossed my mind. Should I? Hmmmmmmm, I wonder……

Another car just went through the drive through the wrong way. I wonder how long till one of those cars hits someone on the way out? I may never know. I am sure I will hear stories once I get to work tomorrow.

I love the way the people drive through the drive through this late. Like they go extra fast just in case they are worried about getting caught. It’s amusing to see there faces as they pass.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in the middle of that. A part of me has always wondered what it is like to be in the party. I am always a spectator, my photography has had me in place to see some amazing parties. But I am always the people watcher. I will be this in two weeks too. It will be a long party, but I will take pictures, not miss a thing and provide my customer with fantastic event photography. I am good at the things I do. I’m a great mom, at one time I was a great wife, though in that endeavor I did fail I don’t holdit against myself. It is steam sport, and I couldn’t win when I was playing alone. I am agreat barista, a great photographer, a great artist. But none of this matters if I am the only one who thinks I am great.

While my word count climbs I will say goodnight, my mom will be here soon, to take me to the safety of my tiny apartment and I will sleep. But before I leave, be safe, add two m ore cars to my count of the drive thru runners, oh wait add one more to that too, and just be good and safe and always know you have my love.

Lady X

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