Burning up

So I feel the creative fires burning inside me this week. After a wonderful meeting with my co-writer for my love letter blog I am even more excited about the story he and I are building. I can’t give away the details but it is going to be emotional, and heartbreaking, and in the end we will see what happens to my beloved characters. I really feel blessed to have someone who is very compatible in style that we can work on this type of project together with little to no conflict about story and character development. It’s a very neat experience. We have had lots of positive input from those we have shared it with and I am excited to do some work on it tomorrow. Be prepared for some major character development this weekend!

As for my lunch (which is where I am typing from) it is almost over but I am so glad to have this place to come to and share my thoughts and visions and I am do excited to see where things will go today and tomorrow.

As I run away to make coffee and smiles, (yes I make people smile, all day long) I think of my writing, my photography, all extensions of me and my artistic nature and it makes me smile. I really am glad today and my tattoo and this site name are indeed true.

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else.
With my love,
Lady X

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