Too late

After some late night reading of my own work I am amazed at how love feels.  I am also amazed at how it is taken away. Humans need to feel love. It’s how we are created. So how is it that something so fundamental to our survival is something we either chase away, give away, have taken away or we kill it and avoid it when it’s so important?

Love languages are very interesting. Mine two big ones are physical touch and quality time is a close second. I found that very interesting as i thought acts of service would be but i was wrong. I knew about the touch but was surprised about quality time. It makes good sense though. I think that for me these are the two hardest ones to have. Maybe I just feel like that cause they are mine, but I feel like I got the most high maintanence ones. A guy hears my love languages and says, “oh lord, an attention whore”. Too much work. Pile on that my kids and crazy family and I’m certainly a giant pain. A worth it pain because I spoil whomever I’m with. I just need to, it’s how I show love, besides the touching and time spending. I’m all over acts of service. Some lucky guy will get it someday. For now my kids are being spoiled because my service is to them right now.

It’s just two hours before my day starts, and a zombie dream and the feeling that if that happened I feel lIke we would behelpless in it is what has me up in the first place. Me with all these kids, alone, weapon less, left me wide awake and a little raw. But I’m a big girl, I just need to spend more time training for all kinds of fights. Even imaginary ones (that could totally happen)

Be loved and love with reckless abandon.
Always me,
Lady X

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