Love Madly

I am not going to lie. I am a little crazy. I really need to be to deal with this crazy life. I was reading a fellow bloggers blog and one of the posts mentioned to love madly. This phrase made me pause. I am in fact intrigued by this phrase.

Defintion of Madly:

1. insanely or wildly: The old witch cackled madly.
2. with desperate haste or intensity; furiously: They worked madly to repair the bridge.
3. foolishly: They lived madly, wasting all their money.
4. extremely: They’re madly in love.

I like to think that given the chance that I would love to approach most things madly. But I long the most for the chance to love someone madly. Reckless abandon, without fear, without reprimand. I want this love of course to be reciprocated. I love this phrase

Madly love with reckless abandon. Mmmmmm. I want to approach love with my heart on my sleeve. It is waiting in the palms of my hands, scars and all, waiting to be received by the one that I shall love and spoil.

I don’t think that I actually know any other way to love. I want so much to be a true statement of an inseperable love. I want to dive in head first, no thought to what might happen, all fear and worry thrown from me, cast aside. Non existent. I want people to see it in my face, know it in my smile, see it in my stride, feel it glowing off of me. See the difference in how I look at seeing my love, feeing his arms wrapped around me, strong arms, protecting arms. The love and safety mirrored by the way they would hold me. The effects of just a hug, just a meeting would be lasting, it would show for hours and hours, and it would bring joy to my soul at such an innocent exchange. No hug or kiss needed (wanted yes, but not needed) just that hug, that moment, the exchange of touch and words would be enough to sustain.

Indeed this love is probably rare, but alas it is what my heart and sould and body cries out for. Just to see their face light up as they see you. It is an amazing thing love. Especially the kind between a man and a woman. It is powerful, it is passionate, it is sexual, and friendly, and intense, and innocent, dark and light, pure and evil, desperate and necessary for life. Not just the continued existence of our humanity. But life itself for each of us needs love.

Me, I need to love passionately, it is who I am. I am a passionate, sensual, woman, I need to love and be loved. It is an intense need inside me. God shows me that this is who I am, I am intended to be an intense creature, it shows in my art sometimes, in my images when I am the photographer, it shows in my writing when I am the author, it is there bubbling on the surface when I am actually part of a relationship and I want to be intense and sexual and love on every level there is. Bury myself inside the other person and feel their warmth. It is what and who I am and intense it probably always what I will be. Certainly if that changed I don’t think I would know what to do with myself.

Although honestly, at times like now, secluded, alone, longing to love madly, I am not sure what to do with myself anyway.

Love Madly always,
Lady X

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