Too Early

The unfairness of getting up everyday on time at 6:30am is that here it is, 8am, and I am awake even though I went to bed at like 2am. It seems terribly wrong on so many levels. The good news is I feel pretty good, so now its time to get my tooshy busy so I can get ready for this party. I know what I am wearing, so that is one battle. I need batteries, just like usualstuff to do that I always put off to the last minute. God forbid I actually try to be ready for something before it happens. That would just straight up freak me out.

So now I can spend the day finishing getting ready, and deciding stupid things, like what perfume to wear, my growing collection is making it harder to choose everytime I can wear perfume. Can’t wear it at work so it is a rare occasion that I get to smell good. Though I do cheat with some bath and body works stuff that smells amazing.

I am watching my three year old play on the computer. She is so freakin smart.

That was off topic, I just wanted to mention it. Now its time to go shopping and get done. Its gonna be a long night, pray for me. I want to do a fantastic job. Hopefully the lighting isnt too dark and the party is jumping.

Always here,
Lady X

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