Work Work Work

So all work and no play makes for a boring day. Therefore I deem it necessary to play at work. I spent some time thinking about how if I worked as a waitress I would probably make loads more money. But I love my job at Starbucks. I love my customers, my coworkers, even my crazy boss Jeepers, (shhhhh, he hates it when we call him that)

I have the phone numbers of many of my customers, I write with one of my customers, I have prayed with customers, texted when I needed a voice. It is truly a unique experience working there and I am glad to have gotten my job there. Not to mention I am a badass barista. I make fantastic cappacinos, Espresso Machiattos, brilliant lattes. I am glad to be good at my job. And honestly, this right now (besdies my mini peeps) feeds my need for attention without getting me into trouble.

I wish that I could say that I am not high maintenence. But that would be untrue. I require lots of attention and when I find myself in a deficit I fall into quite the melancholy way. It is a product of my makeup and I suppose my writing is more dramatic when I am in that sort of mood. I had a great time at work with my coworkers, spent time with one of them on my lunch, spent time with my cowriter customer (and one of my favorite customers) on my last break. My attention cup is half full, instead of the usual empty and or broken. So I feel less like a depressed manic emo writer, and more of a lucid, less dramtic lady.

Interesting eh. I think so. It is amazing the things that feed my writing. I have to say that I do miss writing letters to people. It is a lost art. I love writing to people, and more importantly, and mushily, I love to write love letters. It is my favorite. I belive that I have a lovely inner wit when it comes to love. Something that I am quite good at.

But alas, those things wait for the right time. There is no time for those things now. It isnt time for that. Maybe someday.

So next week is spring break, and since I am a terribly boring person I am planning a fun park day on whatever day I have off and I am inviting whatever coworkers don’t have to work. I enjoy spending time with them so I want to branch out in that. I think it could be fun and it will be me actually doing something for spring break. I need that.

So while this post had mostly no direction and talked a lot about work, I just want to say that I think of this blog often, how much I love writing whatever I want here no matter how trivial. And maybe someday I can create a new page, one that talks about a new amazing love that is all encompassing, that loves me and my girls and all the messy wonderful things about me. We shall see.

All my love always,
Lady X

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