Just a kiss

As I lay here in bed it comes to my mind the thought of a kiss, then my mind races over the poetic possibilities of such a thing.

Just a kiss

Something so simple, so quiet, so sweet
I say, just a kiss
Just a taste
Just a tease

Why should I want this so? Such a little thing they say
Indeed a little thing but in it so much wonder

All the elements in one sweet kiss
The pause, the lean the breathe, the steam

Perhaps this kiss, so small
Is unfairly judged in its all in all

It is not too sweet, not too soft, not too fast
It is not too hard or too long
It merely is what it is called to be

Such a calling to be a kiss, to be ever present
Always poised on the edge of lips

How then should I not want to partake in this act?
When my lips cry out to be kissed so they may react

Ahhh then I shall wait around
Till this first kiss is truly found

Kiss and kiss and kiss I shall
Till my lips are weary
Till the end is found

Well now that is out maybe I can sleep.

With all of me,
Lady X

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