Yes Please

I find it amazing the things that can send a person into uncrontrollable laughter. Me, my friend Joe, and my bestie Sammy, we are the dirty crew at work. We are naughty. we can’t help it. It’s a mixture of me and Sammy torturing Joe and him funnin back. Well Sammy was off yesterday so it was me, Joe and Tre. Well all joking aside, and maybe because I am a huge pervert, and my brain has been deeply imbedded in the gutter all week, but Joe came up behind me with a floor mat after mopping, I didn’t see him, I was making some coffee, and he says, “I need to get under you” . Oh my did I laugh, a lot, for a long time. I still giggle at it. He said halfway through saying it he realized how I was gonna react. I’m so predictable. This joke is magnified by the fact that i prefer being on bottom, at the drive thru window register, (and every other sense of that phrase too) and since everyone knows that because I make a huge big deal out of it when they put me in drive thru. The rest of the night every time I said anything that even remotely could be taken dirty I did, and I don’t mean just what Joe said, I mean what I said too. Sometimes it is far worse to live in my brain I think than it is to live inside a mans brain.

So the night was good, we got lots done,it was a good close, and I even had some laughs. Those are important and it helped me smile some more. And I need that.

As for the title, I would love to smile, so more smiles, yes please!

So as I get the kiddoes ready for their weekend with their dad, and I get ready for movie Saturday I realize that I just need to see all the good things, and I realize something.

I am not as alone as I thought.

All my love always,
Lady X

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