The Bouncer

Yesterday my bouncer came into my store. He and I dated ever so briefly and our ending was more of a fade out than an ending. Just a dropping off of sorts. So I was surprised when he came in the store. He’s still fantastic eye candy. I am not going to lie, he’s brilliant to look at. Knowing who he is, the motivation that drives him, his determination, I know what an amazing man he is. I also know he has no time in his life for anyone. It may be years before he does. So while I know it is better that he and I parted ways, it doesn’t mean I am not sorry that he and I couldn’t have pursued something more. We had good chemistry and we like lots of the same things.

But perhaps this was to show me that there are certainly a plethora of nerds out there for me to choose from. My options are not limited as I once thought. Perhaps it was a lesson is patience so I know how to wait. I don’t know. I assume everything is about learning. Everyday is a new chance to learn something about you, about life, about others. So today I learned that while yes, the bouncer was fun, he was sweet, witty and intelligent, and most certainly sexy beyond reason, my need to feel like I am getting to know a person, a need to feel part of the chase, not to be the chaser, the need to feel like perhaps my time is not wasted when there is waiting to be had.

Anyways, I know that road is closed. I don’t see how it would be opened again. But I am not a fortune teller so I will be patient that God will send me someone when he is ready.

Meanwhile I will have some harmless fun, the kind that won’t get me into trouble and see where the paths that God lays before me lead.

Have fun readers, you just get this one life.

All my love,
Lady X

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