Another sleepless morning

I can really call it a sleepless night when I climbed into bed at nearly one am. Working till the bucks closes and then trying to sleep is sometimes hardly effective. Today I don’t work till 6pm so I don’t care that I find myself awake with the midget (my youngest) at 5am. I got a few well deserved zzzzz before she woke up. Now it’s chocolate milk and Phineas and Ferb. And me here pouring out the thoughts that consume this brain in the wee hours of the morning.

So I am laying here, all tucked up in bed, too lazy for Jammie’s so topless and string bikinis are the way to go. I’m in a house full of girls so modesty isn’t an issue for bedtime attire. My bestest cowriter came by my work tonight and hugged me, told me what great writing work that last poem I posted here was. It is some of my better work. Amazing what you can write while a passenger in the back seat just because you have your iPad with you. I got to see lots of my favorite customers. One guy whose name I don’t know, he gets a grande, one pump vanilla extra foam, nonfat caramel macchiato. He loves it whe I remember his drink. Just makes him giddy. My photographer friend who is going to do my pin up work and some nudes for me came in too. I’m a photographer also so he brought me some extra gear he had. It was super sweet and I can’t wait to use it camping this weekend.

My customers make the lame pay worth it. They truly make the job worth while.

I got a huge compliment from a coworker tonight. He is one of the shift supervisors at work and he said that I am one of the most grown up people he knows. I don’t let the crazy get to me. He tanks that’s cool. I appreciate him noticing. There are a few things that bug me. But I try not to legit get to me at work.

So now as I lay here I am thinking of my upcoming camping trip, and the fun that is going to ensue. I am so excited about it that I can hardly contain myself. Three days to relax, no big plans, just water and sunscreen and music. That is my vacation to myself weekend. Honestly, can you think of anything better. Just laying out in the sun, water all around, just baking. I’m gonna be a nice shade of bronze when I get home. Awesome.

So this post isn’t the usual, I can’t sleep, why me, I hate insomnia posts. I am tired, but I’m not minding this moment of peace to write a post that’s largely about nothing.

I’m happy in this moment, happy for my girls,happy for my friends and family, happy to be sweet on someone (that’s another post for another time) in this moment I am happy. Simple, unwanting of anything as inlay here in my bed.

I’m outside the box, looking in and see all that I am not hindered by anymore. I love it.

Spend some time outside the box today.

All my love always,
Lady X

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