His hands reach out to touch my face
Then reach around to grab my waist
To pull me against him
To touch
To feel

His mouth so close
My neck
My chin

My cheeks are pink
I blush
I gasp

My teeth in his shoulder
His grip tightens
He growls

Fingers laced above my head
Bodies touching
Hearts racing

He presses his lips behind my ear
Sweet little dirty nothings whispered
Things only I can hear

Lips nearly touching
Needing the sweetness

“Give me that sugar” he says with a growl

I giggle
I smile
I evade his lips once more

His patience waning
My game to win

He is My beast
Ready to pounce

He is My man
Anxious to taste

I wriggle beneath him
Drawing out my game
Making him wait

I am His kitten
Stretching my full length against his

I am His woman
My lips finding his needing that sugar too

My game is won
The taste is mine

My moment
My love
Indeed it is mine

1am naughty brought to you by a nap and Melody Gardot

All my love,
Lady X

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