Pocket Heart

So my honey is still sick. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since Friday and yes, I do know that’s not that long ago. But I miss his face. His smile, his laugh. And a whole host of other things that would turn this post into more naughty than intended.

So I wrote a poem for him. I have decided that it is easier for me to type poetry from my brain and heart than to actually pen it on paper. My pen hits the paper and I draw a blank. Despite that piece of useless info I penned this. It’s short. But I like it.

Pocket Heart

He is not here
My He is gone

My heart is with him
In his pocket drawn

No place else for it to be

No place else for it to go

Safe there it is
Warm there I know

The beats thump his name

Everyday it grows

Waiting in his pocket

Forever unknown

Just close to him

No want to roam

Feel better love.

Lady X

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