The little things

Point cracks me up the things in this life that truly make me happy. Most of the time it is something small and might be stupid to someone else.

For instance my littlest daughters is 3, 4 in October. She and I have our own kiss now. Seen cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Well if you have he kisses the girl in the end with his cheeks all puffed out. So now I puff my cheeks out real big and she has trouble not laughing herself silly at this display of big cheeks so she tries and laughs and this goes on for a bit. Honestly it makes my heart smile so big when she does it. And her laugh is contagious so I just end up laughing too.

I love seeing my girls interact together. They are actually really sweet to each other when my nephews aren’t here. I figured out that since they have been raised side by side that when they are all separated they behave better. So when it’s just the girls it’s just a festival of sweetness. I’m blessed beyond measure to have them.

My mom is super helpful. Shes amazing and wonderful and I’m just lucky to have her. I honestly have no idea what I would do without her. She helps me keep my kiddoes out of day care and helps me maintain my sanity that my girls aren’t with strangers.

Cooking dinner with Joe. Who knew food and cooking could be so naughty? So sweet? I have always enjoyed help in the kitchen. But if making dinner could be like it was last night I’m happy to spend forever in the kitchen. Barefoot and chained to the stove. And even green beans and carrots are tasty when you eat them with someone else. Kissing and food is not restricted to fruit, ice cream or puddings anymore people. All of it is good.

As for the rest of my night, I watched Joe fix my computer drama and then show the kids his minecraft server and all the things he has built. I was truly amazed at the creativity and depth to this game that I hadn’t really seen before. I saw the proud look in his face and the time and level of talent and craftsmen ship it would take to make what he and 4 of his friends had built from scratch and I was proud of him too. It was amazing. The kids were impressed. They asked I’m a million questions. I was just happy to see him interacting with all of them. And Faith, my child that was so adamant that mommy never be with anyone? She’s coming around. She even came to me the other day and asked me to ask Joe to help her with some minecraft stuff. I was waiting to hear her ask if he was staying over,or if he was coming over. But instead I was delighted in a question that included him in her little world. My heart stopped, and I took the moment in and smiled. Joe was happy to help and It felt like a moment that I needed.

Deeper and deeper I go. More lost to what has been amazing so far. He puts my heart at peace. He squeezes the stress out of me. And all at once I realize that my heart is not alone. It is bursting at the seems with love. Love for my girls, my time with them, love for my family even though they make me crazy, love for my friends, and love for My Joe. He has filled this amazing life with more love and peace than I thought I would have right now. I’m grateful and blessed to have him.

So what is this long blathering post about. Well like they said in Zomebie Land. Enjoy the little things. A silly kiss, a passionate kiss, a hug, a moment, a joke, a laugh. It’s all more important than anything else in this world.

All my love,

Tiarra aka Lady X

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