Boudior (insert winky face here)

When I was pregnant with number 3 (unaware) I had my first set of boudior done. Mostly for myself, but I did give my now x husband a book of images from it.

They weren’t very good. But they were mine. When I left, maybe sometime before my ex deleted them all. He is the only one with any. So in an effort to replace them with amazing much better pictures I have been planning for months to have new ones taken. My friend Howard is a photographer, and he is going to do them for me. For free. My bosses wife is going to do the make up for me, for free in exchange for pictures. Perfect. I have reserved a cottage suite at a beautiful modern bed and breakfast in Arlington and it is a separate building from the man house. Equipped with fireplace, king size bed, giant jetted bath tub, plush sofa. I’m damn excited about it.

I suggest that everyone do it at least once. I am currently building a music playlist for said session, dusting off my camera gear, getting my strobes ready, filling a small trunk with naughty lingerie and scarves and neck ties. There are a few things I still need. But I’m happy to be replacing my mediocre at best images with perfectly awesome images of me. Yes it sounds vain. But I’m only gonna look like this for so long, plus im raven haired tattooed Goddess (not my words FYI) and the pictures from before we’re of a reserved long blonde haired lonely lady.

That woman is gone.

Replaced with a stronger upgraded 2.0 version of me.

I want images of that strong woman. The me who knows who I am. And yes, I may get totally nude for this. Provided the angle is right. My lady isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful despite its flaws and I’m proud and happy to be me.

So perhaps if I get an image that I feel like is truly truly me (I’m sure I will have many) I’ll share the most pg version here.

All my love as I patiently wait for September,
Tiarra aka Lady X

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