Just a moment

I dont have long to write this so I thought I would share a moment with you from night before last. Lying in my bed, reading The Count of Monte Cristo with Joe, listening to the happy sounds of minecraft, my youngest decides its time for kisses. Our cloudy kisses as I m calling them now. She kisses me, at least four times. Then she decides it’s Joes turn. Without hesitation he is giggling and kissing her, cheeks all puffed out, face full of smiles. I was glowing at the exchange. Heart bursting.

Being divorced I come with three little beautiful suitcases. My baggage as it were. I love them and seeing them interact with the other part of my life that I love makes me happy. In a way I can’t describe.

Joe got to talk with and play with my oldest too and she is the tough one. But Joe is growing on her. I know all of this is the hardest on her since she still held out hope for me and Her dad. But I see her softening. And it makes me giddy all the more.

I’m happy people, and I am here to give single moms every where hope. You can find love even with beautiful baggage. I hope that your kids are as charming as mine.

Love ya!


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