What to do?

Business is the thing that steals joy and time. Unless you are doing something you love.  Then this phrase can be followed up with the saying that if you are doing what you love, you need to find a balance between doing what you love how you love it and taking the part where you have to do what you love the way others love it without it stealing your joy.


My photography and my art is what I love. Of course I love my kids, and I love my boyfriend and I love my family and Starbucks too. But my art is what I love for me.

So when I think of being confined in a box of what others want to think of my art I feel stifilled. Like my brain hates being confined by what others deem as their view of my art and what they think that art is worth. Too many times my art has been confined and then taken advantage of so much so that the joy of the art has been stolen from me. Like a thief just comes and takes what they want leaving me feeling like what I love has been raped and pillaged and left for dead.

This is truly how I feel about my art. All of it. I create it for me and anyone who wants to love it with me. SO perhaps that makes me extremely hard to please and a bit selfish. But I have learned in the past that if I let others dictate the way I view my art then I end up hating it.

So in regards to this post I am turning off my photography website this month. Little faces will take a hiatis until further notice. I can’t justify the $25 a month for a website full of out of date work that I don’t love. It was created when my ex husband told me in order to have a camera to make my art it had to be a business. Perhaps it is time for Little Faces to die in that regard. To be replaced by something that is totally me. And just for all of my art.

So goodbye Little Faces Photography. For a time you served me well. I shall find new ways to showcase my art. Something cheaper and that I can maintain myself. Something that is made for me. For MY art.

No raping or pillaging allowed.

So a fond farewell to you Little Faces. You will be missed.

Love Always,

Tiarra aka Lady X

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