Corny and Mushy……..BEWARE

Mushy –

adjective, mush·i·er, mush·i·est.

1. resembling mush;  pulpy.
2. Informal . overly emotional or sentimental: mushy love letters.
Corny –

1. of or abounding in corn.

2.Informal .
a. old-fashioned, trite, or lacking in subtlety: corny jokes.

b. mawkishly sentimental: a corny soap opera.


Occasionally, or perhaps more than occasionally I find myself doing things that are very corny and very cheesy. I can’t help it. It is the hopeless romantic in me who is in fact very very hopeless. Last weekend in the trenches of sickness watching my poor sick sweetie work on his endless stacks of homework I decided to make him love cards and hide them in his stuff for him to find later. Granted these cheesy love cards were also a little on the naughty side I still like to think it is cheesy to put a perfume soaked card with anything written on it inside your boyfriend’s history book and wallet.  The weekend was brilliant despite the illness and we even managed a dinner with my brother and his wife and his friends and the best part, CoOp Portal 2 together. I love playing with that man so much.

The beautiful thing about hiding notes is that sometimes it takes a while to find them. He just found the one in his history book yesterday and today I had to hint to the other one. I enjoy surprises but have little patience when it comes to waiting for others to either find them or for me to give them their gifts.  It is just the girl in me to be corny and want to hear or see the reaction of the giftee when they find or get what I have either gotten or made for them.

Currently I couldn’t wait out my last gift and actually texted him a picture of it because the suspense of him seeing it and knowing what it was made me crazy! With how much studying he has I may not see him till next week so I had to show him now!

Here is where my cheese comes in hardcore. (It’s cute though)

I had a metallic print of one of my boudoir portraits made and I framed it, and I signed it old school pin up style in the corner with a marker.


He is giddy to put it on his desk. Studying has him tied and chained to his desk and I miss him since it was Sunday when I last touched his face. Sigh. So mushy I am sometimes. It is corny that I want him in my space, just sitting at my desk, doing his homework while I read in the bed while the kids play and run around crazy. It feels brilliant and amazing and so easy to do. Just the simplest most easy thing to love him and have him there. The world is a crazy place. Nothing ever works the way you want it to and since I am very hard to keep away from I tell him to stay home and study and keep the distraction of me and my ever present adorableness at a distance. Good grades are rewarded I tell him. I also tell him I miss his sugar.

He misses me too, and that probably makes it the hardest. It feels great to be missed and I want him to miss me. But since I know how hard it is when I miss him, I know how hard it is that he misses me. So distance will not be kept for long. It is impossible to keep to magnets apart once they have been flipped over.


And as my mushy drivel comes to a close, because no one should have to read much more sappy crap than that (and trust me I could go on and on) I leave you with this, my theme song for Joseph and one of the many songs that accompanied my soundtrack for my boudoir portrait session.


Christina Aguilera – Nasty Naughty Boy

Come here big boy
Ahh, mmmhmm, yeah

You’ve been a bad bad boy
I’m gonna take my time, so enjoy
There’s no need to feel no shame
Relax and sip upon my champagne
‘Cause I wanna give you a little taste
Of the sugar below my waist, you nasty boy

I’ll give you some oh-la-la
Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
I got you breaking into a sweat
Got you hot, bothered, and wet
You nasty boy

Nasty naughty boy

Oh baby for all it’s worth
I swear I’ll be the first to blow your mind
Now if you’re ready, come and get me
I’ll give you that hot, sweet, sexy loving (loving)

Hush now, don’t say a word
I’m gonna give you what you deserve
Now you better give me a little taste
Put your icing on my cake
You nasty boy

Oh no, oh there I go again
I need a spanking, ’cause I’ve been bad
So let my body do the talkin’
I’ll slip you that hot, sweet, sexy loving

Ohh ha!
Come on daddy!
Ohh ohh, ohh ohh oh yeah
Oh yeaah oh, come on, sugar

I got you breaking into a sweat
Got you hot, bothered, and wet
You nasty boy

Nasty naughty boy
Naughty boy

Oh baby for all it’s worth
I swear I’ll be the first to blow your mind
Now that you’re ready, give it to me
Just give me that hot, sweet, sexy loving

Now give me a little spanking
Ohh, ohh, is that all you’ve got?
Come on now, don’t play with me

Oh give me that hot, sweet, nasty
Boy don’t you make me wait
Now you better give me a little taste
Put your icing on my cake
You nasty boy



Note to self:

Must start collecting for what will be a fun and amazing session that is dedicated solely to Burlesque.


All my love always readers,

Lady X

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