My Hair isn’t messy

My bed is still made

My apartment is quiet

No sounds being made


Your echo isn’t hear

Your scent is too far

Not fair it is I say

Not to be where you are


Just far enough away not to feel your touch

Just far enough away to miss you so much


Close enough to know you miss me

Close enough to know you are mine

Close enough to know we have plenty of time


Patient is what I am

Patient is what I will be

Patient for you and for us

Patient for me


Sexy is your sweetness

Sexy is your Smile

Sexy is how you make me feel

Every day, all the while


My Beast you are

Your Kitty I will be

Every moment, Every second

All that is given to me


Happy we are

Happy we will stay

Just a moment apart

Never too too far away


Drawn together in ink

No erasure so change

My heart drawn to yours

In all of the most perfect ways


Time is just a question

Nobody knows

All my time you can have

Since with my heart it goes


Just six months so far

Give or take a few days

But enough for me to know

I will love you always


Give me the time

I can show you what I mean

Spoil you I must

It is what I do, It is what I need


My face fits in your palm

My hand in your hand

My mouth on your lips

So my body next to yours I will stand


Let me stay here

By your side till the dawn

To take on each day

By your side I feel strong


Peace is what you give me

Gentleness and love divine

With you till I can be no more

Ready to stand even against time




Awakened by a child and then struck by inspiration, the life of a writer in love. Love you all and hope to see that you enjoy my moment of glee.



My love always,

Lady X


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