Long Days and Lonely Nights

Spoiled Rotten. This is what I have become. About a week and a half ago I had a cold. After the cold vanished my asthma decided to take up residence. It got pretty bad. And I freaked out my sweetie Joe. The text conversation went exactly like this:

Me: I’m not well babe. Air is a rare commodity for me right now.

Joe: 😦

Me: Time for sleep to open. Have the best night love. xxxoooxxx ily

About thirty minutes later I get a text that I didn’t get until 11:30p.

Joe: Are you alright babe? Your not in the ER or something crazy like that, right?

15 minutes later

Joe: Worried….

So I text him back.

Me: I’m still at home. Taking another treatment now. Woke up with no air. I’m sorry to worry you.

Joe: 😦 I’m coming to see you. Want a treat from Whataburger?


Since I worried him he had slept over every night since. 14 days with him there every night and every morning. Brilliant and wonderful. Watching him interact with the girls, watching all of us together. Eating together. Just everything. Warmed my heart. Last night was the first night I have had to sleep alone. I slept on his side of the bed so I could smell him in my pillow. I just want him in my space all the time. I feel lonely without knowing he is coming here, and I really do not like sleeping without him.

I am so glad he feels the same. He is so sweet to me. He’s talked about the future. My adorable nerdy gamer, who was afraid to fall for me has not only fallen hard for me, but I can see he has fallen for my girls too. We went to the park with a picnic. Just me and Joe and the girls. He plays with them, and chases them. Makes them giggle uncontrollably,  and he worries for them.

My birthday is coming up, and the only thing I want is an evening with Joe and the girls. There is literally nothing I could enjoy more. I can’t explain the happiness that I feel at seeing my girls and Joe bonding. I can’t express in words how amazing this found love has been. It was unexpected, it wasn’t looking to last and now it is looking to be brilliant and perfect.


Let me just say this, in my happy I know that nothing is guaranteed. It could end tomorrow. Not sure why it would but I know nothing is forever because life is too short and people are not perfect. I will say this much, even if I knew now that my happiness would end tomorrow, I would still want to love Joe today. I could know that it isn’t going to be always love and I would still want to feel this way right now. Regardless of the pain I may suffer. This LOVE is worth it.

Always me, Always happy to be me and not anyone else.

Tiarra aka Lady X


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