It is a different world we gamers live in. Because it is any world we choose. Which is great sometimes. What is even better? Dating a gamer. Here is why:


They think you are sexy despite the fact that you are in sweats and have crumbs on you. They are just geeked out that you are playing Skyrim and loving it.

They still love you even when you say Marvel is better when you know he is a die hard DC fan.

They come to kiss you even though you ignored them to play a game that isn’t two player

They create a world for you in Minecraft that is just for the two of you and helps you plan out a lighthouse and crazy bridges.

Hugs you when you die, then reminds you that you should save after the boss fight you now have to repeat, AGAIN. (facepalm)


There are so many reasons.  It is the equivalent to “She thinks my tractors’ sexy” for country folks. I’m yelling at the computer and hes just giggling and telling me how cute I am. (awesome)

Well early to bed is early to rise so I am going to play Skyrim for an hour and then get up early anyways.


NIght all, Geek it up peeps!



Lady X

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