Meaningful moments

The most meaningful moments happen in the quietest moments.

Time is so fast. The year is almost over.I really can’t believe it. My middle daughter is going to be 7 years old tomorrow. I celebrate 10 months with Joseph tomorrow too. And dealing with my ex this week has been emotionally exhausting.

So what is this post about you ask? Well I will tell you and be for-warned its about to get mushy.

One day last week when Joe got home after his closing shift he crawled into bed and I always roll over and snuggle up to his back. I put my hand on his heart and he puts his hand on my hip and we go to sleep. We snuggled up in the usual wayand minutes later Sarah starts to stir. So I roll over and latch her on, so now we are back to back. which is fine too. So he puts his hand back on my hip and I put mine there and we interlock fingers and I just lay there. Happy.

Well here is where the moment becomes meaningful and stupid mushy.

I woke up hours later, same position. Fingers still laced with his. When I realized that we had just laid there, peacfully sleeping hands held together for hours I just smiled. I was just happy for this quiet moment to have spent in peace, in slumber, laying next to my love.


It’s meaningful to me because I never had that kind of closeness.  Being held to fall asleep and then roll away is common and I am not knocking it since most occasions will call for that. It meant a lot to me because when we started dating it was always hard for him to stay, he wanted to be in his bed. Lots of room. Now he sleeps tucked next to me, tightly interlocked as to not let me stray too far.

And that means the world to me.


Love big, Merry Christmas people.

All my love always,

lady x

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