Back to happy

It is amazing how once the holidays re over my ex husband leaves me alone. He did his best to ruin Christmas. Threatened, forged a hug on me, told the kids I ruined our family, told them we could get back together. All sorts of nasty. Kept my youngest out till 10:15p on Christmas Eve.  But despite the drama I managed to get through it, depressing As Christmas was for mex my life improved on by the holidays being over. He has no power over me. And less on his girls than he thinks. After he spent his past weekend trying to make the kids hate me and joe I watched in awe as joe played minecraft on the Xbox with Faith and Aimee for four hours. Loving every minute. He has endless patience.  And he bragged at work about the fun he had with the girls and then tested me to tell me he loved it. I am in heaven and happy as a clam. my ex is thwarted at every turn trying to burn me. It isn’t going to work any more.

he still hasn’t figured out that the power he had is gone. I may still be afraid of him in the physical sense, that he may lash out and hurt me and the girls. I will not ever let him hurt me again. 


I may need an attorney in the new year, I think his scare tactics need to end.


I prefer to spend my time ignoring his existence till I have to deal with it. The girls love me and Joe, despite the exes efforts to change it.


they will learn about him in their own.

Love big people, and be honest. Lying sucks and bites you later.


love lady x

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