The bliss continues

I am sitting in bed, done with work for the day, fed full of grilled cheese, and watching my happiness sit before me. Sometimes I require very little attention. It isn’t often since I require so much of it. But when it does it for is for this reason. I am typing this on a gifted laptop. Given to me by one of my favorite customers and my personal photographer Howard. He gave it to me for the girls. They know its theirs, I get to use it till I get my own is purchased here shortly once tax time arrives in approx a week for me.

That isn’t my bliss continued.

My ability to be ignored, and happily so, comes from watching Joseph and the girls interact on minecraft. The last time they played, they played for 4 hours. He had a great time with them and vice versa. I am happy to watch them play and happy to let this be the reason no one is paying any attention to me.

It isn’t entirely quiet, and I am not at a 100% seeing how I ate some wonderful lobster bisque last night and proved I seem to have a new shell fish allergy. But I am happy. Happier than I have been ever. Despite my rocky holidays, I am happy that I can have this little moment. I consider these moments to be the most important.




Just plain happy.


Love Always,

Lady X

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