Creative Space Recreated

It has been so long since I could sit in my bed and spend some time with my fingers jogging across the keys. And now I have the chance to do it on a more often basis. As my tax return came in, and I was able to pay off my car. I took the chance to replace the ipad that I lost off the roof of my car 6 months ago.

So now I own my car, I have a new mac book pro, I am all set to do more homework without creating dram with the kids when I have to kick them off. Now it looks like apple exploded in my bedroom.

I also splurged and got a point and shoot for my upcoming New York trip. Yes, you read that right. My happy ass gets to go to New York for the weekend after Valentine’s day. I am about crazy excited. I love so much that I get to go. More so that I get to go in the same month as my one year anniversary.

I am in awe of time. I am sure that I have posted more times than once about how fast time is. And now that I am getting ready to celebrate a year with my boyfriend. I have no long and drawn out comments. And of course I could spend a great deal of time with many different memories of mush that has happened over the last year. I will just end my first blog post from the warm confines of my bed with this:


Once happy, once you feel what happy feels like, it is tough to let that go. It is tough to let people who detract from that feeling stay in your life. I have learned a lot since I realized that my marriage was over. It was as if I was in fact sleeping beauty, but instead of the handsome prince kissing me awake, I woke up on my own. Alone and scared of a new world that I didn’t understand.

I had to learn who I was. Because even as a teenager I never learned.

So since 2010, I have learned who I am, I know what I want to be when I grow up. I know how I want this life to move forward and I am happy to be on this journey with open eyes and an open heart. I am ready to be loved, to be hurt, to grow and to be.

Every day is a precious gift. I want every moment to be lived. For the best or even for the worse. Because  a moment lost is never regained.

All my love always,

Lady X

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