25,000 Feet


I am currently flying and that is something I just don’t do. I am in awe of how beautiful the world is. Amazingly created to say the least. It earth is whizzing below me at insane speeds and I am sitting in a chair with barely anything between me and the clouds.


The world is a brilliant patchwork below me. Cheesy and said a million times but lots of people who have flown but I am glad that I have this chance to look over the world and see how amazing and beautiful it is. Since the last time I flew I was 14 years old and the flight was short this is amazing. It was scary and I am not going to lie, my lady brain cried at the airport at the thought of flying anywhere without my babies. I can’t want to show them the pictures that I have taken from the plane. It is truly a sight. I hope that someday soon I can take them somewhere so they can see this amazing view of the earth we live on.


I spend lots of time thinking about the world. I look at pictures of space and I wonder what it is like up there and now I am closer to space than I ever have been. It is amazing and I wonder sometimes what it must be like to be a pilot or an astronaut.


As I am flying to New York City, one of the most beautiful cities to photograph I am a little sad that I left my camera gear at home, but I wanted this to be a trip for fun. A brilliant day of celebration for Valentine’s day and Joe and I’s one year anniversary. I can’t believe that it has already been a year. What an amazing, crazy year. I never thought that I would find someone  that fit me so completely. I really do feel like he is my missing puzzle piece. I feel whole. God never meant for any of us to be alone. And for years I felt that way. It is amazing not to feel alone anymore. I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief.


With less than 13 awake hours in the big apple we have a busy day ahead of us. More pictures to be taken, laughs to be had. Ice to be skated on.

Did I mention that we are going ice skating at Rockafeller center? That is the main event this evening. Dinner and skating. Perfection.


It is an amazing and perfectly beautiful day. I can’t wait to get there.


I literally can”t get over how beautiful the world is. As I type this, without looking mind you I am just looking over everything. The winding rivers, the tiny buildings, I am far too high to see cars, but that doesn’t keep me from pressing my face against the window and trying.


As we pass over a city I can see some tiny little cars. It amazes me to think of the people inside off to their day. Sigh.


Funny enough my phone takes better pictures than the point and shoot that I got.


The plane is bumping around a little which freaks me out.  But I am doing good, so proud of myself for fighting my fear and going on an adventure. I hope I get to see mountains. I have seen hills and they look amazing and wonderful.  I feel blessed just having been able to see all of this!


I will update more later. As for me, I am giddy, happy, blessed and ready for an amazing celebration.




Lady X


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