Eyes Wide Open



Once upon a time, before Joseph and I were a couple, we had a conversation (induced by tequila) about what makes a good kisser.


The conversation talked about compatibility with the person, reading cues, body language, attraction. Something I never thought of, and something he said that he did, was look at the person you were kissing.


This sounded like romantic blasphemy to me. Why would you do that? Doesn’t that ruin the mood, take away from the moment? And so I tested this theory of course. When Joseph first kissed me I didn’t open my eyes, but later, when I felt more comfortable I did. And I felt awkward at first, but it changed into something very personal, very intimate. I realized how much your eyes can share with a person when you look at them while sharing something so intimate as a kiss.


The kama sutra talks about it too. It amazed me when I read the kama sutra that it is less about sexual pleasure and more about connection. About reaching that pure intimacy with the person that you love. Opening your eyes for a passionate kiss allows you to look into someones feelings. It isn’t an obtrusion, it is a look at how someone really feels while they kiss you.


I have alway felt like kissing is one of the ways that you can show someone you how you feel. Put all those emotions into that moment and really give them that feeling that you are there. And opening my eyes, looking into Joseph’s and taking that moment to really see how he feels, show him how I feel is so intimate that it is more earth shattering for me and my girly heart that the best orgasm. Because I am a girl I can say that.


So while this post isn’t very long, I want to share with you a moment that you can have that you may be missing. An intimacy that you haven’t shared with your love before.  A look that you are missing, adoration in your lovers eyes. Try it sometime. It may change your life.


Always with all of my love,

Lady X

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