Homeward Bound

Sitting pretty in first class at 45,000 feet isn’t too bad. A little breakfast, some vodka and orange juice and I feel less like gripping the arm until I feel my finger nails tear off. The beginning of the flight is still rough for me. I still feel like I should be on the ground. Joseph and I didn’t get to sit together so take off was worse with no hand to hold. No shoulder to lean my head on. I am grateful to be on a non stop flight since it was looking like we were going to get stuck on a flight to Chicago and then home. So this is way better. 


All I can see out my window for miles is clouds. Beautiful and amazing. This trip has been perfect and wonderful. I am happy to be going home to the girls for sure though, I miss them terribly. A little break and back to the grind. I am glad that I have tomorrow off to get some rest. My legs want a break. 


We walked miles through downtown. I can’t wait to load all my pictures off my phone and camera. Skating on the ice at Rockefeller center was magical. No other way to describe it. We went to Nintendo land while waiting for our turn, and Joseph bought me a yoshi hat and some mushroom socks. I am super excited to wear those!  We didn’t get to see the memorial or the Statue of liberty, but we did walk in Central park, I got to kiss Joseph on the ice and hold hands while skating which I have always wanted to do. It amazes me the things that I didn’t get to do as a teenager. The things that other kids my age got to do. I never had a boy to hold hands with while skating. And while it may sound gay and lame. It was a dream come true for me. And it couldn’t have made me smile bigger. Every moment of dinner just in peaceful quiet, watching the other skaters, catching glimpses of Joseph looking at me, him catching me looking at him. It is still amazing to be with him. It is still goose bumps and butterflies. It has almost been a year. A wonderful year, and it went by so fast. (I also still rock on ice skates so that just made it better)


I let him lead the way the whole time we were there and we used our phone gps to help us find what we were looking for. Some things were just too far. So we opted for what we could get to with our feet. Not wanting to get lost. Using our time wisely. 


Had the best cup of coffee ever at Stumptown Coffee house. Hand pressed espresso is so much better. What a different taste! And it was just neat to walk around. We saw the library in New York, the architecture is something to be seen. So beautiful and intricate. What are the amazing stories behind these buildings I wonder. 


We walked through portions of Central park. What a beautiful place, the natural rock that is all over that park is so beautiful. We opted to walk because honestly I didn’t think a 20 minute ride in a horse carriage was worth $50. 


Another wonderful thing about visiting New York is all the amazing old architecture that is there. Joseph and I talked as we walked over the different amazing things we saw. We took pictures, drew lines with our hands to trace some of the lines and symmetry in the work. The sad thing is that since commercialism and tourism own New York all these amazing buildings have ugly stores at the bottom. No preservation. It really is sad. I didn’t get to photograph St. Patricks church because it is being restored. So  that was a no go. 


All in all it was perfect, I wish our flight this morning wasn’t so stupid early but thats what you get flying standby. But on our way home, happy to rest for the remainder of the day I am glad that our trip was short, I am glad that we got to see all the things we did see, spend time together (which is so rare right now) and I am perfectly happy to have gotten to spend my first time in the Big Apple with my love.


I am a lot lately, but I say it again. I am happy. Just ask Dave. Spaceman says it all.


All my love,

Lady X

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