Home Sweet Home

The wonder of being home is having my girls within arms distance. It is wonderful and brilliant and makes my life lighter and easier. I feel very stressed out when the girls aren’t home. It is a long and painful weekend when they are gone. There is no end to the worrying and there is no end to me waiting for a text or a call to come and get them.

My ex isn’t a nice man. The drama over me going to New York was insane. He made my mom pick up Sarah and her “phantom” fever on Saturday night. I am sure to make me worry. She wasn’t sick at all. Then since my mom had to pick up Sarah and her sisters (based on his hurt hip from helping the girls clean their room) she had the girls, which in turn made my sister mad so that 15 seconds after I stepped off the plane back home I am in a huge fight with my sister over my ex ruining her weekend with the boys. The rare chance she decides to do something with the boys my ex ruins it and then creates a huge fight for me. 

I hate when he wins.

Then when all of that drama is over, resulted in Joe dragging me from my moms apartment so that I wouldn’t needlessly fight anymore. My mom took the girls back to John, because now that hes had a night off he feels much better and wants them back. I would keep them for myself if it wasn’t for the fact that the girls want to go be with him. 

So as I sit here, with the happy noise of my girls playing, Aimee drawing next to me, kisses from Sarah periodically and listening to Faith complain about computer time I am in bliss. Joe beside me grinding away at endless homework, movie plans in the works for later, and me, just happy to sit here and be in the midst of it all. Blessed beyond measure. Happy girl, blessed by God and just content to be me.


Love Always,

Lady X

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