So in March there is another poetry reading with my wonderful friend Jerry. So now it is time to get off my enormous booty and write something. It has been a bit since I wrote anything and I feel the creative juices in me flowing. I wish to pour them into something wonderful.

It seems a thousand years ago
When darkness had filled up my soul

When the lovely light had left my eyes
When sadness marked my empty skies

So many sparks of light did try
To penetrate my darkened mind

Tiny rays of hope they brought
But fizzled out when trouble was sought

My hopes and dreams began to fade
No light left here, just darkened grey

Left alone within my thoughts
Dark as night and pain was wrought

A glimmer of hope in you I found
Could I dare to dream of love to be found?

This tiny glimmer did grow and grow
Freeing my mind, Freeing my soul

You loved me for all that I am
Your love a change in all our plans

My sky, my life, is dark no more
Light floods through loves wide open door

No more fear or pain to feel
Proof that scars can really heal

My heart is yours, my body, my soul
Forever after, with you.

All yours

Thank You my Joseph.

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