I am sitting in a waiting room waiting to be seen. Again. It is frustrating to me how long this process takes. How many places do I have to go to get some help? I kinda wish now that I had just gone to the emergency room. I might actually be done by now. Instead today is CAT scan day. And because of today I owe my sister a small fortune. I hate to think what surgery is going to cost. Oh why didn’t I just go to the emergency room? THis whole thing is frustrating. I am already more than tired of all of this. 


It all started yesterday with the doctors office calling me, tell me they found something hanging out between my uterus and abdominal wall. Fun fun. So I called off work, and made my appointment for this morning. Now I have drank the Kool Aid, and I am waiting an hour to go back, be pumped full of contrast and get this mess over with. This has been the slowest process ever. I don’t understand why things have to take this long. Makes me really upset that our medical industry works this slow. 


Time to go back and get this done. I shall recap the fun soon.


So that was awesome. (did you note my sarcasm there?) So the contrast that they put inside you which I have no idea what it does, has fantastic side effects that you feel immediately because they push this huge bag of liquid into you very very quickly. You will feel hot, flush (sounds fun, wrong kind of hot and flush) you will feel heavy, I started to panic at not being able to feel myself breathing. Best part? You feel like you are peeing all over yourself. Don’t worry, you aren’t actually doing it. It just feels that way. What’s worse, is that hours later I still feel like crap. I wonder how to suck it up and make some dinner. I wish that Joe wasn’t still at school dealing with tests and not being here to baby me. I just want to not have this problem in the first place. But alas, I have to suck it up. 


What also sucks? I am up to my eyeballs in owing my mom and sister now. I want so much to move in June and it just isn’t looking like that is going to happen. Perhaps I should put off moving till next February. I don’t know. All I know is I hate to see how much money they want from me when it comes time to surgically fix whatever the hell is wrong.


So now I think I will lay down, pout a lot, wish this nausea would go away from this morning and probably pout some more.





Lady X

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