Just one of those days….

Dirty TMI post warning:


I have decided that upon occasion I am far too horny of a girl. This horny is not caused by a lack of satisfaction. There are factors I believe that are involved. Let me explain. 

I currently have a house full of kids and a smokin hot boyfriend with the day off. I am pretty sure that alone makes my panties wet. I look over and see him engrossed in homework and literally wanna tear off my clothes and shove naughty lady parts in his face. This is obviously prevented by the fact that there are almost half a dozen kids here. 

Conversations and pictures on facebook. In the current planning for another photoshoot for this summer with my favorite photographer, and the inclusion of one sexy boy toy, I am “researching” picture options. The current idea is 1920’s P.I. and damsel in distress. Couple pictures just make me crazy! 

It also doesn’t help that a facebook friend referenced my naughty baseball story, and the musical balls (naughty toys). Makes me want to break mine out, and just walk around all day feeling super naughty. 

I am just a giant ball of hormones and crazy right now! This will be my outlet currently. Just for sanities sake I will stay away from the website extreme restraints as it makes me want to buy naughty toys. I will stay away from previously written naughty by yours truly as my stuff is hot and makes me hot too. Sigh. I am a naughty naughty girl.  (insert angelic face and naughty eye wink here) 

Sadly for you the reader, this post is about nothing but my ability to not get laid right this second. Because in my current state a quickie will not suffice. Oh no it won’t. This mess of intensity will have to wait to be satiated until bedtime. Because it is gonna be a long night. Any ladies who read this and have ever been vexed like this can relate. It happens sometimes that it is just far too intense to be caged or easily dealt with. So for today, torture is the prescription, followed by an evening dose and ecstasy. 

Hope you all get the same.

Patiently waiting for relief, yours always,

Lady X


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