So now that I have had my girly surgery to fix my lady parts to previous untainted by endo condition, I am ready to get off the BC (birth control) and see if my body can return to normal. Here lies a problem. While Joe and I want to have a baby later on (which excites the crap out of me!) We want to wait. So now comes into play birth control methods that are non hormonal. And not gonna break my bank. So now I am researching NFP (Natural Family Planning) This requires temperatures to be taken every morning, and patterns, and dates, barrier methods (no condoms because that crap just isn’t gonna fly) I can see why our culture is so prone to falling into the trap of BC. Because it is so easy. There is little thought needed. It is not required for you to be intelligent and patient. You just do whatever you are told and sheeple along with the other drones. 

It sounds like tons of work. Luckily for me I already have months of periods tracked. So now I just have to track my temp and watch the dates in my calendar and watch my  mood. I was reading and I have realized that there are times when I feel more primal. These are the times when my body is probably in baby making mode. Which is another thing that I can watch. I want to remain true to my body. Try to get to a more natural state of things so that I am not entirely finding myself relying on the poisons of this world to take care of me. Now, whether or not that leads to my mom crocheting a blue or pink blanket who knows. But I know this. I am gonna try to make me the healthiest me I can, while still have tons of fun. I read a great blog post about NFP and other birth control and I will link it here for anyone interested. It was a good read. Also for those of you looking for a spermicide that isn’t going to be chemically bad for you, you can go to and purchase come good stuff from them that is all natural and proven effective. 

Thanks for listening to my banter. Just some mini thoughts for the evening as I sit here alone avoiding my math homework. 

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All my love,

Lady X

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