Creativity Defined as…….

My brain wants so much to write. I am however without the time to develop the things that my mind is quite content on writing. So instead all of my wonderful musings, which by the way were many when I was quite inebriated with pain killers after my surgery, are all long gone. I reach out with slick fingers to watch my ideas, my thoughts, my musings fall away like dead leaves in a breeze blowing away. Too far from my grasp. Too far to reach out and keep intact any fragment of information to share. 

The wind blows them far from me, I stand there the wind at my back, my hair blowing. Vacant eyes just watching as I lose those precious ideas. Those brilliant and comical, dramatic and poetic and romantically thoughts. The naughty and the nice. All taken from me. Torn from my arms like a child taken away from their mother too soon. Torn from me like a small piece of my soul that should it ever return I would not recognize if for being what it was, a little piece of me.

To the dearly departed ideas, moments, artistic thoughts and wonders. I bit you a fond and love filled farewell. I pray that you return to me someday. Find your way back to me and I promise I will give you the credit and love and creativity you crave and that my passionate heart truly desires to give you.

With that I bid you adieu. 

Lady X

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