Yes, thats what this post is about. But it sadly isn’t naughty. On the rare occasion that my house is not full of children I sleep in the buff. The ratio for this is terrible. Out of the whole year it really is just a handful of times. Maybe two handfuls. Its just not that many.

The real truth about this post is that if you have an unmaid bed, and pets, you are going to be in danger of strange crumbs in your bed. Now, once you climb into your bed, and you realize that there are foreign tiny things stuck to all of your parts, you question first:

1. Why do I have pets?

2. Why didn’t I made the bed?

3. What in the world is so tiny, yet feels so huge when touching my butt cheek?

4. Why is it so hard to get crumbs out of a bed anyway?

After I think about these things, shake the crumbs off of myself, sweep off the bed and then climb back in, I realize that I just wrote you a whole post, while naked, in the dark about crumbs and being naked and you probably read all of it.

Love YA!

Lady X

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