Time to prepare

So my brilliant photographer fried Howard and I are cooking up something special in the way of a round 2 of portraits this year. The fall is the time. The type? Couple 20’s boudoir with a little old school private detective cosplay in it. Got the office picked out. Just gotta finish up my 8 weeks of Insanity. (I restart it this coming weekend since my surgery) I will be tan, and slim and ready to go. All I can see are white starched shirts, suspenders, fedoras, and neckties. Old phones, black and white, long jackets and long eyelashes. 

Why oh why must I do this? Well because I love creating these images, because I can’t find anyone who will let me do it for them, and because I am adorable and before I am old I want to be able to see my cute face in pictures. Same reason to photograph your children. Moments come and go so fast.

So this weekend the kids get their portraits done, and in the fall I get mine. So many things to do. So many things to do this weekend. Le sigh.


Take pictures, even if they aren’t great. Remember, you only live this one time. Make memories that last so that you can remember what you were, are, and what you have.


Lady X

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