Hostile Work Environment

When people think about work I am sure most of the time they think of a hostile environment, hell bent on sucking what remaining pieces of joy you may have had when you started your day so that by the time you leave, you are lifeless and hating everything about the place that you work and hating every reason why you have to revisit this place tomorrow.

This is not a problem that I usually have. I love my job. I hate my pay, but I love my job. I love my customers,  I love being the boss on the occasion that the floor is mine. This past two weeks since two of our partners got canned we are dealing with a hostile environment that I am not used to. I got shifts freaking out on the job, baristas that are cussing on the floor in front of customers. I don’t have the patience for this. I need stability and continuity. I like when things are relatively predictable when it comes to work. Now since my hours are all over the place and never the same week to week I have to be flexible there. 

I walked into a train wreck this morning. My friend Keri, who is also a shift, was wigging out. I guess she opened this morning to a store that was not all to well taken care of for opening, and Sunday for our store is our big order where we get soap and paper towells and a whole host of other crap we need to run the store all week long. Well a minute after I walk through the door I got Keri throwing boxes, and when Gino walks to the back to talk to me for a second and set his drink down she yells at him too.

I was shocked. I have had Keri yell at me. I get over stuff pretty quickly. Gino wants to transfer now. I can’t take much more loss at my store. I just want my people to stay. All I can do is my best to make the environment comfortable and stress free while I am the shift and while it is my floor. Thats it. I realize that. It is however, very frustrating to try to not watch my people leave my store. Sigh. Not a thing to do about it.


Ugh, grumpy post over. 


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