I trace the patterns where I felt your skin
I smell the sweat of our chemistry mixed

I hear the laughter and the giggles of our play
I feel the pressure of your body pinning mine

A bite here, a tickle there
A wicked smile 

A squeal
A sigh 

A lick
A kiss

I love you
I know


I have had an amazing few days despite the bumps. Sarah and urgent care, my fun kidney stone issues. Scheduling drama. All these things counted for and the time this week has still been magical. I have reminisced over the last year with my Joseph. We have talked about things we have said. The places we were when he said I love you for the first time. The second time. He was so nervous. The ways that he told me were so cute, meant to be said with an edge of fun so that he wasn’t overwhelmed with the seriousness of the moment. Before he said I love you. We were laying in bed, and he said to me. 

“I am getting quite fond of you” 

I knew it was hard for him to admit it. He had already said that the commitment to me and the girls scared him to death.  The first time he said he loved me, he wrapped me in his arms around me in the dark and rocked me back and forth and said,

“I just love all of this so much!” 

It was so sweet, it took me totally by surprise. Not surprised that somebody loved me. That my Joseph not only said it to me, but he said it first.

The second time was watching movies, and he leans over and kisses me. Then he says,

“I love Tiarra cause she’s so delicious.” (Yes you can hear the goldfish song here, and yes he sang it that way)

Since then more I love you’s have been exchanged than I could ever hope to count. Watching him smile, seeing him with the girls. Dream come true. I am indeed blessed. As I sit here watching the kids play minecraft, and I sit here typing this while Joseph is off grinding away (quite literally) at Starbucks I am just grateful. It is a nice place to be. Just happy to be me. My tattoo makes me happy. It is true every day. 

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else.

All my love,

Lady X

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