Remembering my work

Sometimes I write poems at the end of my posts. Occasionally when I can’t sleep due to crazy legs, side pain, stressed out kids and zombie dreams, I like to go back and read my blog posts. I find little treasures in the midst of my work. Poems I had completely forgotten about. As I lay here. Tired, wanting ver much to be sleeping and being far too tired to list all of the reasons for my lack of rest n depth, I shall hare with you a fun poem I found digging through old posts.


I like it rough
This you know

You bite my neck
I kiss your throat

I push you down
Pined to the bed

Stronger than I look
Bad as it gets

You wink at me
I giggle, I smile

The all at once
I’m on the bottom of the pile

How did this happen?
What did you do?

Stronger than me
Not stronger than you

I let you win
I solemnly pout

You laugh
And I wriggle
Trying to get out

I win because you want me to
You boast against my mouth

Im lost in love
Poured straight from your spout

One second
One minute
One hour
One day

Worth it for that moment just to hear you say

I love you.

I love this poem because its fun. I love it because I wrote it after my joe was sick. I always write from the heart. I can do nothing else.

So tonight, I advise you to hug and kiss you kids and spouse, love freely, without reserve, and write something meaningful.

All my love
Lady X

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